How to craft four new Minecraft Potions from Snapshot 1.21

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Minecraft has been around for nearly a decade and a half. Since the official release of Minecraft, you can argue that no game has grown more and gone through as many updates and changes that Minecraft has gone through. The constant update and growth have ultimately helped Minecraft become what it is today, and even after 13 years, Minecraft is still adding new items into the game for gamers to experiment with.

Thanks to the latest Minecraft Snapshot 1.21, there are tons of new items and mobs that were added to the game. Some of the most talked about items from Snapshot 1.21 that everyone is talking about is the addition of four new Potions. The reason as to why these new Potions are getting talked about so much is not because of how good they are, but because of how random they are. Without further ado, let's dive in!

Four newest Minecraft Snapshot 1.21 Potions and how to craft them

Potion of Oozing

The Potion of Oozing will most likely be the most beneficial of any of the four newest Potions on this list. The Potion of Oozing can be brewed simply with Nether Wart and then a Slime Block. Once the Potion is brewed, you can throw it at mobs to give them the Oozing effect. Once those mobs are killed, they will drop two Slime Balls.

Slime Balls are very useful when it comes to Minecraft for many different reasons. Sometimes finding Slimes can be tedious work, but this makes farming Slime Balls much more efficient and easier. Unfortunately, to get started on this Potion, you need to hunt down Slimes anyway to achieve a Slime Block, but once you create this Potion, you can use it heavily to your advantage.

Potion of Weaving

The Potion of Weaving can be created by brewing a Nether Wart first and then a Cobweb. Once used on mobs, the Potion of Weaving will allow those mobs to move through Cobwebs and spawn Cobwebs upon death.

Potion of Infestation

The Potion of Infestation has a very skin itching name and that because it related to Silverfish. The Potion of Infestation can be brewed with a Nether Wart first and then a block of Stone. If mobs have the Potion of Infestation effect, they will have the chance to spawn Silverfish when they are being attacked.

Potion of Wind Charging

Finally the last new Potion is the Potion of Wind Charging. Wind Charging is something else that is new to Minecraft and grants players a vertical boost. The Potion of Wind Charging can be brewed with a Nether Wart first followed by a Breeze Rod. Mobs that have the Wind Charging effect added to them will explode into wind upon death, potentially launching things around them around.

As you can tell, these four new Potions are very strange. The only one that really makes the most sense is the Potion of Oozing to allow players to easily farm Slime Balls. The other three Potions appear to make mobs more difficult to deal with.

While I don't expect many gamers to use these Potions regularly in their main worlds, I can see them being used for different type of Adventure Maps or even as traps to prevent players from messing with their mobs. Whatever the case may be, they were added into Minecraft for a reason, and I am more than sure players will get creative to find ways to use them to their benefit.

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