How to access Sea of Thieves Beta on PlayStation 5

Sea of Thieves Key Art. Courtesy of Microsoft.
Sea of Thieves Key Art. Courtesy of Microsoft. /

Sea of Thieves was first released in 2018 for Xbox and PC. Now nearly 6 years later, Sea of Thieves is going to be playable on PlayStation 5.

This is a moment that a lot of PlayStation gamers have been waiting for. Sea of Thieves allow you to take on the role as a pirate and traverse the open waters as you try and complete various voyages. Along your journey you will come into contact with other players that you may choose to befriend as allies or go head-to-head with one another as enemies.

How to access the Sea of Thieves PlayStation 5 Beta?

Sea of Thieves doesn't fully release on PlayStation 5 until April 30, but there is a Beta that you can access now that allows you to play Sea of Thieves early and carry over all the progress you have made during the Beta.

If you are someone who is looking to access the Sea of Thieves Beta on your PlayStation 5, there is only one simple step you have to complete. You just have to make sure you have any version of Sea of Thieves pre-ordered on PlayStation 5. Since this is a Closed Beta and not an Open Beta, only those who have pre-ordered Sea of Thieves will be granted access to this Beta.

During this Beta, players will be able to earn rewards, currency, and other in-game items that can be carried over to the full game. Also, as a way to say thank you for playing the Closed Beta, players will also be receiving 10 levels of Renown towards their Season 12 seasonal progression.

Any trophies earned during this time will not be unlocked but will still be tracked and unlocked once you start playing the full game.

The news that Sea of Thieves would finally be coming to PlayStation doesn't really come as too much of a surprise. Microsoft announced a couple of months ago that they planned on bringing first-party games to other competitors consoles. This marks the first major Xbox first-party game to be making its way to the PlayStation 5.

If you have purchased Sea of Thieves and plan on accessing the Closed Beta, keep in mind that the Closed Beta only runs through April 15. While there might not be a ton of time left to access the Closed Beta, there is plenty of time to get your feet wet with Sea of Thieves on the PS5 and allow all your Beta progress to carry over to the full game on April 30.

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