Helldivers 2 Error Code 10002038: How to fix

Helldivers 2 screenshot. Courtesy Arrowhead Game Studios.
Helldivers 2 screenshot. Courtesy Arrowhead Game Studios. /

Helldivers 2 was released in early February to critical acclaim and widespread appeal. But the game's commercial success has come with a bit of unintended consequences.

The game is so wildly popular that the servers can not keep up with the demand. Since the game's launch, players have had difficulty connecting to the game's online servers.

Upon logging on, you may be greeted with the following error code: 10002038. So what does it mean and how do you fix it?

What does Error Code 10002038 mean in Helldivers 2?

Getting the error code "10002038" when trying to log in to Helldivers 2 simply means the servers are full. You'll see the message: "Servers at capacity. Please try again later."

Unfortunately, there isn't much you can do in this instance. Because this is a server level, all you can do is wait and hope to get in. The game will continuously try to connect you every 30-45 seconds or so.

Arrowhead has been working to increase server capacity, but to little avail. Hopefully, the situation gets sorted out quickly.

One of the issues contributing to these login wait times are "squatters." These are players who sit in the game, even when they are not playing, to avoid having to log back in. By staying
idle in the game they are able to avoid the long queue times. But unfortunately, this makes it harder for people who actually want to play to login.

Arrowehead CEO Johan Pilestedt was asked about kicking non-player server squaters, and he confirmed that the team is working on it. He said the fix will "probably be in the next patch" but didn't give a timeline.

So for now, all we can do is wait as Arrowhead works to increase server capacity. So if you get "10002038," just wait.