GTA V Online Server Status: How to Check if GTA is Down

Here's how to check if GTA Online is down.
Here's how to check if GTA Online is down. / Rockstar Games

Fans inquiring about the GTA V Online server status can check if the game is down in a few simple steps.

Despite its release over a decade ago, GTA V is still one of the most popular, well-known action-adventure games. Whether you like escaping the police in one of the awesome cars or making yourself known on a roleplay server, the game is full of high stakes action at seemingly every turn. As fans await the highly anticipated release of GTA VI, they still must deal with inconvenient downtime on GTA Online.

Here's how to check the GTA Online server status on all platforms.

GTA V Online Server Status: How to Check if GTA is Down

The easiest way to check if GTA Online is down is by visiting the game's page on Downdetector. The third-party website gives live-time server status reports that reveal if others in your region or across the globe are experiencing outages at the same time. The page also provides all the outages reported by players in the last 24 hours.

Fans can also check the Rockstar Support X account to see if the developers posted any known server issues or scheduled maintenances.

When is GTA Online Downtime?

Fans can expect GTA Online downtime for scheduled maintenances when the developers are working behind the scenes to bring new updates to the game or fix pesky bugs. Of course, the game's servers could also experience unplanned outages that require some time to get back up and running.

If your game is down but you do not see any reports of other players having problems, then the issue is likely on your end, and not a game-wide downtime.

Official GTA Online Communication Channels

Although there is no official GTA Online X account, fans can still follow Rockstar Games and Rockstar Support on X to get the latest updates about the game, as well as other Rockstar Games titles. Not only will you get the accurate GTA Online server status, but you will also be the first to see any news regarding GTA VI.

How to Fix GTA Online Server Connection Issues

To fix GTA Online server connection issues on your end, try one of the following solutions:

  1. Restart your game.
  2. Restart your PC/console.
  3. Update your game.
  4. Update your PC/console.
  5. Check your internet connection.
  6. Restart your internet router.