Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth: Top 5 Most Surprisingly Good NPCs

RPGs are awash with NPCs (non-player characters) to fill out the worlds. Some of them are random people you come across just wondering the streets, some are sitting in bars, and some of them are ones you regularly have to work with. Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth has no shortage of characters but some of them clearly outshine the others to a surprising degree. Here are my 5 favorites.
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"Rhonda?" People who don't know me might ask. Who's Rhonda? Well first off, how dare you. And secondly, Rhonda is the mayor over at the city of Under Junon. Sure, the game is filled with stand-out mayors, but my god is Rhonda something special.

She is a character that is over flowing with the kind of personality Dio wishes he could muster. She calls out Cloud and the Gang for being wanted fugitives, teases them about turning them in, and after Barret subconsciously threatens her, she just laughs it off. She's wonderful.

Also, there is a ton of work put into her introductory scene. Shortly after the scene where Barret threatens her if she snitches, she wonders about in the group. There's a moment in which she actually playfully boops Aerith's hair with her tablet and unless I missed something, this is about the only time I can think of in which a character model actually gets effected by another model. Not pushed to the side but just a part of their model moves.

Then we have her side story. She has some really real feeling parental problems going on with her adult son which leads to a really real conclusion. She's a capable tough as hell mayor who's also trying to do what's best for her kid. I love that.

And let's not forget that Rhonda is a testament to how older woman can and should show up in video games. She's not depicted as some hunched over crone or weird grandma. She's just maybe in her 50s, still strong, still doing what she's doing. Rhonda is girlboss personified.