Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth: Top 5 Most Surprisingly Good NPCs

RPGs are awash with NPCs (non-player characters) to fill out the worlds. Some of them are random people you come across just wondering the streets, some are sitting in bars, and some of them are ones you regularly have to work with. Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth has no shortage of characters but some of them clearly outshine the others to a surprising degree. Here are my 5 favorites.
Final Fantasy VII Rebirth - ©2024 Square Enix
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So, yeah, spoiler, Cissnei is here! An absolute fan favorite Turk from Crisis Core shows up as a militia leader in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth. I could barely contain myself when I saw her as the original series did her dirty.

Originally played as someone Zack would be interested in in Crisis Core, her character role started to diminish rapidly when Aerith appeared on the scene. She still showed heavy interest in him, going so far as to create a fan club for him online.

She was a really fun character with an amazing look and an interesting weapon and fighting style. In the original timeline the last we see of her is when her and the Turks are evacuating Midgar before Meteorfall. But her final fate is never revealed. It's just mentioned in passing that the Turks have all went their own ways to find out more about the world.

But Rebirth actually lets us find out what happened to her! Without too much by way of spoilers, we know she's been leading a group of revolutionaries and trying to take back many of the sins of her past. It's a lot better than the original storyline in which Cissnei is just...never seen from again.