Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth: Top 5 Most Surprisingly Good NPCs

RPGs are awash with NPCs (non-player characters) to fill out the worlds. Some of them are random people you come across just wondering the streets, some are sitting in bars, and some of them are ones you regularly have to work with. Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth has no shortage of characters but some of them clearly outshine the others to a surprising degree. Here are my 5 favorites.
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Is he supposed to just be Charlie Sheen in Platoon? Sure. Absolutely. 100%. But Biggs is the kind of character that the remakes have used to really show what other characters go through during these events.

In Remake, when you first meet him, he's already a fairly broken man clearly suffering from PTSD. In fact, during one of the missions, if you take the time to look for him, you can get an optional moment with him where you catch him sweeping a dirt road and telling himself he's going to fail everyone. You talk him down from a full-on panic attack.

And that's BEFORE the events of the first game happen to his comrades. And in Rebirth? My god, what that man goes through. He's a man wondering what his purpose is. Alone. Further broken somehow. And in desperate need of a friend.

His storyline in rebirth is short, and while it's supposed to give Zack time to shine, in the end, Biggs stole the show in one of the most moving character arcs I've seen from the series.