Fifine's AmpliGame AM6 microphone is an awesome mic for a surprisingly low price

Had some hands on time with Fifine's AmpliGame AM6 microphone and I came away very surprised. For the low price it's a surprisingly high quality piece of tech.
FIFINE Ampligame AM6. Photo courtesy Eric Halliday
FIFINE Ampligame AM6. Photo courtesy Eric Halliday /

Recently I had the chance to try out Fifine's AmpliGame AM6. A little ways back I had tried out their AmpliGame AM8. It was a really solid mic with a gorgeous modern, yet professional, look and really surprising sound quality for less than the price of a new game.

Now I had the chance to look at the AM6. It's currently around the same price as the AM8 but, in this writer's opinion, WAY better.

The first thing I noticed about the AM6 is just how nice it looks. As someone who has a very goofy aesthetic I really appreciated the smiley face hidden on the sound cancelling shield. Mix that with the nice, adjustable, LED lighting and you've got yourself an aesthetically pleasing winner.

Fifine Ampligame AM6 Buttons
FIFINE Ampligame AM6. Photo courtesy Eric Halliday /

Another thing I loved about this one is that there is a mixer knob on the side that allows you to adjust the mic volume without hoping into a mixer mid game. This feature is made all the cooler by putting the rest of the buttons and switches on the ends of the mic meaning you're not going to bump and change your volume settings just because you needed to mute.

While not the highest quality mic on the market for around sixty bucks it's going to be really hard to beat this for the price. Plus, it looks REALLY good. Having it on cam with you is a great look and really looks a lot better than you using some cheap headset mic like you're working the drive thru.

My only real complaint is the joint mechanism to bend the mic. It requires you to tighten a knob to hold it in place but the knob is a little iffy. I stress tested it by putting the mic on a table and lightly drumming the table and it started to tilt downward before falling down. While it looks good on camera, having your mic take a dip is the opposite of a good look.

But if you can make sure it's secure it's an awesome investment for upgrading your basic setup.