FF7 Rebirth director reveals the unlikely inspiration behind Queen's Blood

Final Fantasy VII Rebirth Queen's Blood Deck. Square Enix.
Final Fantasy VII Rebirth Queen's Blood Deck. Square Enix. /

Final Fantasy VII Rebirth's latest sensation, Queen's Blood, is captivating players with its blend of strategy and excitement. Director Naoki Hamaguchi recently shared insights into the surprising inspirations behind this in-universe card game, shedding light on how it fits into Final Fantasy VII Rebirth's world.

Inspired by successful RPG card games like Gwent from The Witcher 3, the team also drew from unexpected sources. Hamaguchi revealed, "I was greatly inspired by the concept of creating combos with your cards while still playing by the fundamental rule of whoever has the highest score wins." Surprisingly, Nintendo's Splatoon, known for its territorial battles, played a role in shaping Queen's Blood's gameplay dynamics.

Creating Queen's Blood wasn't just a digital endeavor. The team meticulously crafted prototypes using physical media and a simple Windows app over a year-long planning phase. As the project evolved, they even used a 3D printer to bring the game to life, creating a tangible Queen's Blood board for testing and refining the game's mechanics.

But Queen's Blood isn't merely a minigame; it's a central part of Final Fantasy VII Rebirth's world. From Cloud's first deck in Kalm to an entire chapter devoted to the card game, it weaves seamlessly into the game's narrative. Hamaguchi emphasized the importance of balancing Queen's Blood's prominence without overshadowing other aspects of Rebirth.

The Queen's Blood team's unique approach also shines in the Shadowblood Queen storyline, a captivating side quest involving 30 Queen's Blood players. Each opponent is carefully crafted as a distinct character, mirroring the urban legends and mysteries central to Final Fantasy VII Rebirth's lore.

Drawing parallels between Queen's Blood's in-universe popularity and Rebirth's central narrative, Hamaguchi explained, "With Queen’s Blood, [we] focused on the urban legend aspect and wrote the scenario thinking about what might happen if the legacy of Jenova spread in the form of lore and card games."

So, next time you dive into Final Fantasy VII Rebirth, don't miss out on Queen's Blood. Whether you're a card game enthusiast or a FF7 lore aficionado, there's plenty to uncover in this captivating minigame.