Everything we know about TFT Set 11 so far

Teamfight Tactics: Remix Rumble key art. Courtesy of Riot Games
Teamfight Tactics: Remix Rumble key art. Courtesy of Riot Games /

We've still got a few more weeks until the lights fade on Remix Rumble but with the TFT Championship being played next week, it pretty much signals the competitve end of this set. It also means we can start looking forward to Set 11, which will likely hit PBE around March 5th.

Riot hasn't revealed too much about Set 11 so far, but a roadmap teased "an encounter with myths and legends," alongside artwork of the Blood Moon Aatrox skin.

Riot also recently published a learnings article for TFT: Remix Rumble which not only recaps everything from this set, but also provides hints as to what mechanics could be returning for Set 11. Here's what we know so far about Set 11.

Legends will not return in Set 11

Set 9 introduced a new Legend mechanic which allowed players to select a character before entering a match. Each Legend represented a specific style of player and would influence the augments that the player would be presented with throughout the game.

It was an interesting mechanic, but it ultimately reduced in-game variance. It's something Riot admits still interests them, but Legends will not be returning in "any set soon." So we can rule out Legends for Set 11.

Region Portals are now a permanent part of TFT

Region Portals were another new mechanic introduced in Set 9, replacing the opening item Carousel. At the start of each game, players are presented with three differe portals that present slight alterations to how the game will unfold — things like starting with a component anvil, or getting Champions delivered throughout the game, or getting gold after selecting an augment, etc.

Portals have proven to be a successful element of variance and excitement for each match. And with that, Riot has confirmed that Portals are going to stay as a permanent part of the game. This essentially confirms that they will return in Set 11.

That said, it seems like Riot will introduce more impactful portals right away. "Delaying more high-excitement Portals was ultimate not the correct move." So expect more exciting portals in Set 11 on the level of Scuttle Puddle or Prismatic Symphony.

Level 10 and Champion bag size will remain

Set 10 made some major changes to address Power Bloat. To lower the amount of 3-star four and five costs, they added Level 10 and changed the champion odds in levels 7/8/9. This was met with mixed reactions but ultimately, Riot has decided to leave Level 10 and the current bag sizes as is.

Loot Distribution System Overhaul

Big changes are coming to TFT's loot distribution system. We covered it more specifically here, but the gist of it is that loot will vary from game to game, not player to player. In other words, every player will receive the same value of loot in each round, but the type of loot will be different in each game.

For example, there may be one game where everyone in the lobby gets a gold start (1 component and 18 gold). However, in the next game it may be a three component, 6 gold start for everyone. How you approach these openings will ultimately vary from player to player, but you can rest easy knowing that no one will have competitive advantage based on their loot opening.

Headliners won't return, but Set 11 will have a new Mechanic

Headliners, which were basically a Remix Rumble-themed version of Chosen champions, were much more balanced in this set. Riot likes the idea of thematically resonant and novel set Mechanics.

Riot has confirmed that Set 11's next Mechanic "does add more variance" but "will do so without adding significantly more complexity in the way that Headliner did for Remix Rumble."

Economy Traits continue to be a sticking point

It sounds like Riot really wants to stick with Economy traits (Fortune, Mercenary, Underground, Piltover, etc.). However, balancing Set 10's Heartsteel has proven really difficult.

The problem with TFT's economy traits is they almost always boil down to lose a lot and get big rewards. Riot is looking for a way to reinvent the economy trait space, especially since players always seem to find a way to master them relatively quickly.

When does TFT Set 11 arrive?

We expect TFT Set 11 to release in mid-March, but it should arrive on the PBE two weeks prior, meaning you should be able to start playing in early access for testing starting March 6, 2024. Expect the new set to be fully revealed a day or two prior, perhaps during the TFT Championship next weekend.