Every Main Costume in Princess Peach Showtime Ranked

Princess Peach goes through 10+ costume changes during her time in Princess Peach Showtime, but not all fits are created equal. Let's rank the main 10.
Princess Peach Showtime Key Art. Courtesy Nintendo
Princess Peach Showtime Key Art. Courtesy Nintendo /
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3) Figure Skater Peach

Figure Skater Peach - Princess Peach Showtime
Princess Peach Showtime screenshot via Nintendo Switch. /

This surprised me too. When I first found out that I was going to have to do a Peach on Ice type stage I groaned like I found out I was gonna do the Mermaid stages. But then I played it.

First, lets talk about that outfit. Peach is gonna have to be careful not falling through the ice while wearing this because her look is FIRE. The gradient dark blue to white is expertly placed and angled on different spots of the costume. The dress covered in snowflakes that becomes snowflake shaped when twirling? Stunning. The white leaves around her waist and woven into her braided hair? Confusing but unlike the ninja's red shoes with green scarf, this works so damn well and makes her look that much more gorgeous and light as she does what she needs to do.

I was going to complain about the fact that shes skating in heels because the ankle problems but then I researched it and found out that figure skaters are insane and are skating in heels despite the insane ankle disfigurement that it can cause. But I can at least complain about the fact that her shoes ARE high heel shoes. Figure skaters, though still using heels, have those heels on boots. But if you had slip on high heels those would fall right off.

 Figure Skater Peach - Princess Peach Showtime
Princess Peach Showtime screenshot via Nintendo Switch. /

Going away from the outfit, the animation for it is spectacular with Peach skating in different styles depending on how you move. I was skating forward and had to move up and to the side again and suddenly Peach was accelerating using a backwards crossover (I know the terms, don't ask) and was completely floored by the unnecessary but appreciated animation.

As for the game mode itself, it's honestly kinda fun. Skating over different things on the ice that required particular tricks to be done on them is a cool twist and there's a later stage that plays like a MUCH more accessible version of the dreaded hover bike stage from Battletoads. It was a really fun time I was not expecting that pairs with one of her most stunning looks.