Every Main Costume in Princess Peach Showtime Ranked

Princess Peach goes through 10+ costume changes during her time in Princess Peach Showtime, but not all fits are created equal. Let's rank the main 10.
Princess Peach Showtime Key Art. Courtesy Nintendo
Princess Peach Showtime Key Art. Courtesy Nintendo /
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4) Ninja Peach

01 - Ninja Peach - Princess Peach Showtime
Princess Peach Showtime screenshot via Nintendo Switch. /

I need you to understand something. When I make a ranked list I physically cut up a real piece of paper, write the items I'm ranking on each piece and then lay them out on a table thinking of where each goes. It usually helps but when it comes to sussing out the last four I stared at those little slips of paper for so long that my body had to painfully remind me I needed to eat. So these four were close.

So, the Ninja costume, after a lot of consideration, hits fourth. The reveal of her outfit and the transformation scene makes Peach look like such a badass. Though there are some things I would change. For one, the green scarf looks amazing. I love it. But the red sandals clash with it. Giancarlo Esposito once told People of New York that you can wear anything you want as long as your hat and shoes are fly. So when the highest thing on her outfit is the scarf and it's green looking at that and the shoes makes her look like a Christmas ninja.

 Ninja Peach - Princess Peach Showtime
Princess Peach Showtime screenshot via Nintendo Switch. /

Also, she needs a head accessory. Okay, they love redesigning her hair for each costume and they don't wanna put a hood on it. Fine. Maybe like a black bandana or a mask. Having a stealth section where she's hiding in mostly all black but then has this head of pale skin and bright yellow hair hovering over it is like having a decapitated head calmly floating around.

The game section is pretty cool too but there's some disappointing bits. There's points where you get scrolls that I wish would happen way more often. Controlling rocks converted into a wave or gears converted into a dragon are really fun set pieces and it's kinda disappointing that they don't play a bigger part.

Long story short, the costume is fantastic but it does have enough qualms that knock it down to fourth. Also...I really hate stealth sections.