Every Main Costume in Princess Peach Showtime Ranked

Princess Peach goes through 10+ costume changes during her time in Princess Peach Showtime, but not all fits are created equal. Let's rank the main 10.

Princess Peach Showtime Key Art. Courtesy Nintendo
Princess Peach Showtime Key Art. Courtesy Nintendo /
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1) Mighty Peach

01 - Mighty Peach - Princess Peach Showtime
Princess Peach Showtime screenshot via Nintendo Switch. /

Okay listen. I love Mega Man, Gundam, all that kinda robot-whatnot so this got me really excited. Especially when the world exists in what looks like the city from Mega Man X.

Peaches outfit here has a lot of inspiration from a lot of various sources but to me it's giving Roll's glow-up in Mega Man Battle Network. The black catsuit under the red armored pieces create a working dynamic that makes the armor look that much harder. Like her knee pads alone look like they could smash an oncoming car. And a detail I didn't even notice until I reviewed my recorded gameplay is the rings on her wrist. They hang out on her forearm near the elbow but when she punches, they slide over her fist and grow becoming an outward corn filled with electric energy so when she punches it is literally explosive. It's such a detail and an insane amount of animation on something that's hard to really notice at normal game speed.

I also really love her visor. It's simple and it's very old school mecha anime but it works so damn well with Peach's more simplistic aesthetic. Plus all of this comes together really well in a way that not only REALLY works for her but makes her look, well...mighty.

02 - Mighty Peach - Princess Peach Showtime
Princess Peach Showtime screenshot via Nintendo Switch. /

As for the stages, they involve several different types of gameplay. You're picking up and throwing enemy UFOs, carrying buses over your head to help people get to safety, and flying through a melee equivalent of a side scrolling space shooter. Each one of these game types are well animated and control really well. And in the last stage of the Mighty story, you even get access to some fun "team-up" style attacks which just look really cool and hit like Captain America's shield after Thor hits it with Mjolnir.

Most of the things on this list had faults that knocked them down the ladder a bit but I genuinely have no qualms with Mighty. It's perfect. If I saw a statue of Mighty Peach I'd buy it. It looks good, it plays good, and it just works so damn well. Gorgeous.

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