Enshrouded: Tips to help get you started

Enshrouded screenshot courtesy Evolve PR.
Enshrouded screenshot courtesy Evolve PR. /
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8. How to Prepare for the Shroud

Shroud survival potions are special consumables that will extend the time you can spend in the fog. You can craft shroud survival potions using the alchemy station and various materials, such as fog sack, water, and herbs. You can also unlock and improve skills that will make shroud survival potions more effective and last longer. You can use shroud survival potions by equipping them in your inventory and pressing the use button. You can also share shroud survival potions with your allies to give them the same effect.

Shroud time refills are rare items that can be found in some places of interest in the shroud. They look like glowing orbs that can be activated by pressing the use button. They will restore some of your shroud time and allow you to stay longer in the fog. You should search for shroud time refills when you explore the shroud, as they can be very helpful and lifesaving. You can also share shroud time refills with your allies by activating them near them.

9. Ranged Weapons are a must

Some enemies in the shroud can fly. So be sure to take a bow, or some other ranged weapon with you, as you traverse the fog. Having only a mace on you would make a flying enemy quite tough to fight.

Enshrouded screenshot courtesy Evolve PR. /

10. Upgrade your flame

Early on, upgrading your flame can prove to be tricky until you start exploring some of the more tougher areas. However, once you do, you can start to find materials to upgrade your flame altar.

Doing so will allow you to start placing more flame altars around the map and above the shrouded areas so you can have quicker access to areas since they act as fast travel points. In addition, it provides boosts for all players in your server.

Hopefully this is enough to get you started in Enshrouded and as I discover more, I'll be sure to share all the details with you!

Enshrouded is currently only available on Steam in Early Access for $26.99 until January 31, and then it becomes $29.99.