Enshrouded: Tips to help get you started

Enshrouded screenshot courtesy Evolve PR.
Enshrouded screenshot courtesy Evolve PR. /
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5. Save those Runes

Soon after starting Enshrouded, you'll start picking up Runes by defeating shrouded enemies and looting. It isn't really clear on what to use them for early on, but they are integral to a few different mechanics in the game. One of those mechanics is resetting your skill tree at the flame altar in your base.

Additionally, runes are used for enhancing your weapons. This doesn't become evident until a little later in the game when you get your blacksmith in camp. So be careful on allocating your skill points as it costs 10 runes to reset them the first time you do it.

6. Towers, and Obelisks: Fast Travel Points

These are special locations that can unlock new locations on the map. This will allow you to decide where you want to go next and discover more of the world. You can find lore entries in scrolls and books that can be read. You can find towers and obelisks in various places, such as villages, dungeons, and fog areas. You can also use the map to fast travel to any location that you have unlocked, making it easier to explore the world.

Enshrouded screenshot courtesy Evolve PR. /

7. Health, Food, and Potions

Bandages are easy to craft in personal crafting, but they only heal over time. They are still useful when you run out of health potions mid-exploring. You can craft bandages using plants and cloth. You can also unlock and improve skills that will make bandages more effective and faster. You can use bandages by equipping them in your inventory and pressing the use button. You can also use bandages on your allies to heal them.

Food is a great way to boost your stats for a short time, such as health, regeneration, strength, and more. Depending on your playstyle, you should check which food is most beneficial for you and take some with you for exploring. You can obtain food by hunting, farming, or looting. You can also cook food using your fireplace. Cooking food will make it more nutritious and tasty, and also give you various buffs and effects. You can use food by equipping it in your inventory and pressing the use button. You can also share food with your allies to give them the same benefits.