Enshrouded: Tips to help get you started

Enshrouded screenshot courtesy Evolve PR.
Enshrouded screenshot courtesy Evolve PR. /
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2. Build a home

Now that you can traverse the world a little quicker with your glider, you can start to focus on building shelter to increase your rested bonuses. Don't worry about trying to find that "perfect" spot to build, for now the first quest clearing you came to is good enough to get you started for some of the beginning quests you well set out on.

Get yourself plenty of wood and stone by pillaging through the forest and feel free to explore the small areas around your soon to be home. The crafting bench will repair your weapons/tools which makes the game extremely enjoyable for harvesting resources.

Be sure to include a fireplace and a bed inside your home so you can have the max rest bonus. This will also provide you a way to cook your meat.

3. Sleep in a bed at night to fast forward time to morning

When the stars come out in Enshrouded, it gets dark. Quickly. More enemies also wonder around the lands in the veil of darkness. If slaying them isn't your forte and you'd rather skip ahead to morning, grab yourself some shuteye in your comfy bed!

Enshrouded screenshot courtesy Evolve PR. /

4. How to Level Up Fast

Leveling up in Enshrouded will grant you skill points that you can use to unlock and improve various abilities. There are three main ways to earn XP in the game: killing enemies, reaching new points of interest, and mining ore. Here are some tips on how to level up fast using these methods:

Killing enemies: The higher the level of the enemy, the more XP you will get. You can find enemies in places of interest such as enemy scavenger camps or fog locations. Bosses give even more XP per kill and they respawn after a while. You can also use the bounty board to find and hunt specific enemies for extra rewards. If you are playing solo, be careful not to take on enemies that are too strong for you. If you are playing co-op, you can team up with your friends to take down higher-level bosses more easily.

Reaching new points of interest: The map of Enshrouded is huge and full of secrets. You can unlock more of the map by reaching new points of interest such as towers, obelisks, villages, and dungeons. Some of these locations will also give you lore entries that will reveal more locations that you can visit. The more important the location, the more XP you will get. You can also use the map to fast travel to any point of interest that you have discovered, making it easier to explore the world.

Mining ore: Ore is a valuable resource that you can use to craft and upgrade your equipment. You can find ore in mines or scattered around the world. The better the pickaxe you have, the more ore you can mine. There are also skills that make mining more efficient. Mining ore will also give you XP, so it is a good way to level up while gathering materials.