Enshrouded: Tips to help get you started

Enshrouded screenshot courtesy Evolve PR.
Enshrouded screenshot courtesy Evolve PR. /
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Enshrouded is a game where you and your friends can explore, craft, fight, and survive in a vast and dynamic voxel world. You can customize your character, build your base, upgrade your gear, and discover the secrets of the shroud, a mysterious fog that covers the land and spawns deadly creatures. And with my early access playtime in Enshrouded, get an edge up with some tips to help get you started.

1. Obtain Your Glider

The glider is a useful tool that will allow you to fly and traverse the world faster. You can obtain the glider by following these steps:

  • Head to the cinder vault and commune with the flame. This will start a quest that will lead you to the glider.
  • Head outside and start collecting twigs and plants. You will need these to craft the glider.
  • Head left towards the cave and collect some more items. You will also encounter some enemies that will drop spores. Make sure you pick them up. You will need these to craft the glider as well.
  • Once you have all the materials I've mentioned, head to the quest objective where you'll be setting up your first base. Work on crafting tools to help speed up the process so you can craft your workbench. With the workbench crafted, it's time to craft the glider.
  • To use the glider, equip it in your inventory and press the jump button while in the air. You can steer the glider using the movement keys. You can also use the boost button to speed up, but this will consume stamina. Be careful not to run out of stamina or crash into obstacles, as this will damage the glider and make you fall.
  • To upgrade the glider, you will need to find and collect more materials such as linen but this will be later.