EA Sports College Football reveal coming in May: Watch the first teaser trailer

EA Sports College Football announcement image. Courtesy of EA Sports.
EA Sports College Football announcement image. Courtesy of EA Sports. /

EA Sports has confirmed that it's upcoming college football game will release this summer. The developer/publisher released the first teaser trailer for College Football 25 and while we didn't see any gameplay, EA did promise a full reveal is coming in May.

For now, though, we have a single teaser that merely hypes the highly anticipated return for the college football franchise. The last time fans played a college football game was NCAA Football 14, which was released back in July of 2013. Now more than a decade later, despite all odds, it's back.

The college football landscape has changed quite a bit since 2013, so it will be interesting to see how EA works to incorporate things like a more active transfer portal, NILs and an updated playoff system. But at the very least, we'll be able to play as our favorite college football teams once again.

EA has been working tirelessly to ensure all — or most — of the major college football conferences and teams are featured in the game. The teaser showcases early renderings of Penn State, Oklahoma, Notre Dame and USC entrances. We also see glimpses of Florida, Georgia and Alabama.

But schools and teams were only part of the equation. Another major hurdle for EA was securing player name and likeness. EA worked with OneTeam Partners to help facilitate this process and players who opted in would be compensated. Players who have opted out will reportedly be replaced with a "generic avatar."

Besides all the contractual issues, many of us just want to see gameplay. There's concern that EA Sports College Football 25 will just be a reskinned Madden which I hope will not be the case. We'll hopefully get an answer to that question in just a few months.

The full reveal for College Football 25 will be in May. The game is scheduled to arrive this summer, with reports claiming a July release.