EA Sports College Football 25: Where and when to watch the reveal

EA Sports College Football announcement image. Courtesy of EA Sports.
EA Sports College Football announcement image. Courtesy of EA Sports. /

Today is the day, the highly anticipated reveal of the long-awaited return of EA's college football series. Having dropped "NCAA" from its title, the franchise returns for the first time in nearly a decade as "EA Sports College Football."

EA announced the return of its beloved college football franchise all the way back in 2021. But they had to navigate the tricky landscape of college sports, which includes name, image and likeness deals for athletes, branding rights for conferences and schools, and more.

All of that is seemingly in the rearview mirror now and today, we finally get to see what EA has been cooking. EA Sports College Football 25 will officially be revealed today!

When and where to watch today's EA Sports College Football 25 reveal

A clock on EA's official website for EA Sports College Football 25 counts down to 11:00 a.m. ET / 8:00 a.m. PT on Thursday, May 16. This is presumably when the official trailer for the game will premiere.

Fans who want to tune in to the premiere trailer can likely find it on the official EA Sports College Football YouTube account. Interestingly, there's no placeholder video countdown for it. It will also be posted to the EA Sports College Football Twitter account.

We don't know what this trailer will consist of, but I'm assuming we'll get some sort of sizzle reel filled with gameplay highlights along with a press release that provides an overview of the game's core features, modes, and mechanics. We'll hopefully also get a release date and pre-order information.

Last week, the PlayStation Store prematurely posted a product page for EA Sports College Football 25, revealing one of the covers for this year's game. It featured Michigan running back Donovan Edwards, Texas quarterback Quinn Ewers and Colorado athlete Travis Hunter front and center. This cover was supposedly for the "Deluxe Edition" of the game, which suggests there will still be a Standard Edition with another cover.

If various editions and pre-order info is provided, then we'll almost certainly get a release date as well. It's been rumored that EA Sports College Football 25 will launch this July, which is in line with when the franchise used to launch its games.

There are also reports that EA could announce or tease this year's Madden NFL 25 game.