EA Sports College Football 25 reveal: New details about cover athlete

EA Sports College Football announcement image. Courtesy of EA Sports.
EA Sports College Football announcement image. Courtesy of EA Sports. /

With the reveal of EA Sports College Football 25 right around the corner, rumors are starting to pick up regarding what will be shown.

Extra Points' Matt Brown, who has previously reported on EA Sports College Football 25's deals with licensing, assets, and intellectual property, seems to have a bit more insight on the upcoming reveal -- including possible cover athletes.

Yes, cover athletes, as in multiple!

Brown reports that there will be "multiple" cover athletes for EA Sports College Football 25. The reason for this is that there will be multiple versions of the game released.

This isn't terribly unheard of as EA typically releases multiple editions of its sports games. Brown says, "Each cover athlete is a current college football player who plays in a different power conference."

There were previously five Power conferences when EA Sports College Football 25 was first announced two years ago, but since then the Pac-12 has been raided with many schools departing for other conferences. As a result, there are now four Power conferences: SEC, Big 10, ACC, and Big 12.

There has been previous speculation that the cover athlete for the game could be a former player, possibly a previous Heisman winner, or a legendary coach like Nick Saban. But it seems EA is going the route of current college athletes that we will actually see on the football field this year.

There is a ton of excitement heading into the reveal of EA Sports College Football 25. EA has confirmed the reveal will take place in May although we don't have a specific date yet.

In addition to the cover athlete, the reveal could also provide information on gameplay, features, and possible game modes. It's widely expected that the game will offer a return of the fan-favorite dynasty mode, as well as the introduction of an Ultimate Team of some sort.

Ultimate Team has become a huge moneymaker for EA with its other sports franchises and now that the company can include current and former players, there is huge potential here.

EA Sports College Football is slated to release this summer, according to EA, with an estimated launch date of July 19.