Does EA Sports College Football 25 have Online Dynasty?

EA Sports College Football 25 Key Art. Courtesy of EA
EA Sports College Football 25 Key Art. Courtesy of EA /

After 12 long years, EA Sports College Football 25 has finally returned. This week, EA Sports officially unveiled the return of its college football video game franchise, now under the new title EA Sports College Football.

The reveal came in the form of a hype trailer that didn't really offer much in terms of gameplay. But with so much hype surrounding the franchise's return, it really didn't matter.

Now that the dust has settled, we can dive a bit further into what EA Sports College Football 25 will offer fans. EA has confirmed four game modes: Road to Glory, Road to the College, Ultimate Team and, of course, Dynasty.

Road to Glory puts you in the shoes of a student athlete as you build an unforgettable college football legacy. Road to the College Football Playoff lets you represent your favorite team and attempt to climb the poll by upsetting the toughest opponents in an effort to make it to theN National Championship. Ultimate Team lets you build a dream team of college football stars and legends and take on other opponets, either through Solo Challenges and H2H Seasons.

But for many fans of the old NCAA Football franchise, we only really care about the return of Dynasty mode. EA briefly details the mode:

"Create a coach and build a powerhouse college football program from the ground up. Establish your coaching staff, recruit the best talent, utilize the transfer portal, and watch your program ascend to the sport's pantheon."

Will EA Sports College Football 25 support Online Dynasty?

I have so many fond memories of building a Dynasty and competing with friends, both on the gridiron and throughout the recruiting process. Nothing beat flipping a 4- or 5-star recruit from committing to your friends' school.

While I always enjoy some good competitive couch football, as I've gotten older, my gaming with friends has been from a distance thanks to online play. Thankfully, EA has confirmed that EA Sports College Football 25 will have Online Dynasty with up to 32 player-controlled teams.

Without knowing how the in-season recruiting and offseason will operate, it's hard to judge just how chaotic Online Dynasty will be, but hopefully they deliver a system that is as fun as it used to be.

Unfortunately, while EA Sports College Football 25 will support cross-play for certain modes, Online Dynasty won't be one of them. This means you and your friends will all have to play within the same console family. So everyone on Xbox Series X|S or everyone on PlayStation 5.