Cult of the Lamb's Sins of the Flesh update adds fan requested chaos and then some

Because the internet is the internet, since the Cult of the Lamb started adding new features there's been one fan requested feature that we've yet to see in the game, sex. Well now we got it with a slew of other chaotic features and this free-for-all is all for free.
Cult of the Lamb - Sins of the Flesh key art. Image courtesy Devolver Digital
Cult of the Lamb - Sins of the Flesh key art. Image courtesy Devolver Digital /

Cult of the Lamb is a weird little game. On the surface it looks like the millions of cottage-core town sims out there trying to capture the joys of Animal Crossing and Stardew Valley. But once you so much as breath at that thin mask you find a dark story in which your adorable yet recently executed sheep character is resurrected by an Lovecraftian horror that tasks you to built a cult in its honor.

You throw together a town and gain followers. You perform rituals and sacrifices. You build up a community and tear down the veil of sanity. It's a lot.

But through all this blood shedding and tear pouring you probably ask yourself, "what about the other bodily fluids?" Well, YOU probably didn't but apparently enough of the internet asked because the devs have responded with the all free "Sins of the Flesh" update.

While most of the update requires you to have at least defeated three bishops to get to there is one part that you'll encounter right out the gate, and let's just say the deuces are WILD.

The first time returning to my town after installing the update I was "overjoyed" to find poop everywhere. Piles of random sizes and shapes along side the occasional vomit pile. And much like an elementary school teacher, I spent a good amount of time picking up these little tributes.

As you do this, depending on the size and color of the poop (I can't believe how often I'm typing "poop") you gain different beneficial things. My personal favorite was the golden poop. Much like burying money in a glowing hole in Animal Crossing, using the golden fertilizer allows money and gold to sprout up next to the plant growing there. And as you clean up any of the leavings your broom levels up. As it does it transforms into different looks each bringing new buffs for your character.

But let's say having poop piles and vomit literally littering your tiny town isn't enough, well just wait till you beat that third bishop, buster. (Four alliteration moments in one sentence. Y'all don't deserve me.)

When you get to a certain point in the game, you'll have access to a slew of new features and options.

You'll get a bar so that your villagers can hang out, chat, and have a drink. Think of it like Brewster's in Animal Crossing except for the fact that none of your villagers can hold their liquor. You will find yourself breaking up fights as they try to, occasionally, try to fight and/or murder each other. You will encounter townsfolk running up on you to profess their love of you. And sometimes, two drunkards will even find the courage to do the thing no drunkard should ever do, have unprotected sex.

Yup the game added sex. Don't worry, it's not graphic. It's still disturbing to see one of the partners leaving the tent hunched over and dripping with sweat, but the big thing about this is the other one will proudly be displaying an egg. These eggs can be hatched into children which you can then nurture and raise until they're old enough to pledge their undying support upon you and the cult.

Along side these features comes a new slew of rituals and activities like crafting clothes, meeting new characters that have unique abilities, and performing ceremonies like the nudity ritual in which your villagers strip down to a cartoonish fig leaf and dance around a totem as you play a Guitar Hero-esque minigame.

If all this, that, and then some isn't enough though, there is also the Sinful Pack DLC which is about $7US.

The Sinful Pack is a cosmetic pack that include not only a slew of new outfit options but also new animal types that your villagers can be including ladybug, hammerhead sharks, and of course...the sphinx cat. No, not that one, clear your browser history weirdo, I'm talking about the hairless ball of wrinkles.

Be forewarned though, this update adds a TON of chaos to the game if you choose to go this route and if you're micromanagement skills are suffering you will be in multitask hell. But luckily, every character in your village is coming along with you.