Critically Acclaimed Xbox Exclusive As Dusk Falls Now Available on PlayStation

Dusk Falls screenshot. Courtesy INTERIOR/NIGHT.
Dusk Falls screenshot. Courtesy INTERIOR/NIGHT. /

Developer Interior Night has released their critically acclaimed narrative interactive drama As Dusk Falls on PlayStation today along with a brand new gameplay trailer. Originally releasing on Game Pass in 2022, the game boasts an incredible amount of unique endings and abilities to play with friends.

As Dusk Falls follows two families after a botched robbery in small town Arizona. The choices you make as a player determine the outcome of the game and how it unfolds. A unique aspect of the game takes place at the end of each chapter, with how you see what would have happened as a final result with different choices. What you don't see, however, is what occurs in between. Therefore, the means may not justify the ends. Caroline Marchal, CEO at Interior Night, commented on the PlayStation release:

"PlayStation players have always had a special place in our hearts because of their appetite for narrative and cinematic experiences. So we are very excited to see their reactions to our branching multiplayer story with the distinctive capabilities of the PlayStation 5. We hope they will enjoy the intense plot, complex characters, and approachable multiplayer of As Dusk Falls"

Another great aspect of As Dusk Falls is the ability to play with up to 8 people in co-op even if they don't play the game. The companion app of the same name on iOS and Android allows people to join with a host (must own the game) and take part in the choices. Being a narrative game, the choice with the most votes wins. The host can also set overrides, which allow players to see their choice play out even if they don't get enough votes. But remember, players can override an override like a veto as well. It's all up to the host of the game to determine how many if any overrides the game will have, so be sure to use them wisely.

I played the game with my son when it first released on Xbox, and we both received completely different games in total. I'm not just speaking of endings either. Different characters lived and died, different events transpired entirely and it was as if we played entirely different games in total. As Dusk Falls is a brilliant narrative drama, and it's available now for both PS4 / PS5 digitally now for $29.99.

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