Clash of Clans February 2024 update: What's new?

In this photo illustration, a person plays on a joystick and...
In this photo illustration, a person plays on a joystick and... / SOPA Images/GettyImages

The first major update of 2024 has arrived in Clash of Clans. Following December's massive Town Hall 16 update, Supercell is keeping things kind of small to start the year.

The February 2024 update introduces a new Spell aimed at unleashing more attack strategies, new levels, balance changes, and quality of life improvements. So let's dive right in!

Overgrowth Spell

The highlight of the new update, the Overgrowth Spell renders enemy Defenses invisible, invulnerable, and frozen for the duration of its effect. With Troops ignoring these Buildings and Defenses, you can create new ways to funnel and path your Troops.

Heroes and Troops in the Clan Castle are not affected by the spell. It will also not prevent Clan Castle Troops from spawning.

The Overgrowth Spell is unlocked at Town Hall Level 12 when you upgrade the Dark Spell Factory to Level 6. Here are the costs:

Level 1

  • Upgrade Cost: N/A
  • Upgrade Time: N/A
  • Spell Duration: 22s
  • TH Level: 12

Level 2

  • Upgrade Cost: 125,000 DE
  • Upgrade Time: 10d
  • Spell Duration: 24s
  • TH Level: 12

Level 3

  • Upgrade Cost: 250,000 DE
  • Upgrade Time: 12d
  • Spell Duration: 26s
  • TH Level: 14

Level 4

  • Upgrade Cost: 350,000 DE
  • Upgrade Time: 16d
  • Spell Duration: 28s
  • TH Level: 16

New Hero Equipment

Two new pieces of Hero Equipment have arrived for the Royal Champion. Hero Equipment was introduced with the December update, allow you to customize your Heroes and which abilities they bring into battle.

The Royal Champion can now equip the Hog Rider Doll and Haste Vial. The Hog Rider Doll unlocks at Blacksmith Level 7 and summons a team of Hog Riders to fight alongside you. The Haste Vial is unlocked at Blacksmith Level 8 and increases movement and attack speed for a few seconds.

New Building and Troop Levels

New Defense and Troop levels for Town Hall Level 16 players -- but far too many to list here. Check out the new levels and stats here.

Clan Chat Improvements

I know we all want global chat to return, but it's not. Instead the Clan Chat has been improved with a visual and functionality upgrade.

Chat and system messages can now be pinned to the top of the Chat view (only by the Leader and Co-Leaders). There's also a dedicated tab for pinned messages.

There are also new emoji reactions that you can use on another player's message. There are preset selections available and reactions and the amounts can be seen under each message.