Cat Jump guide: How to unlock every secret cat

The Cat Jump app has been out for a bit now and contains an ever growing list of secret characters that you can get by completing some pretty bizarre things. Here's a comprehensive list of the ones we've found so far.
Cat Jump Header image. Screenshot courtesy Eric Halliday
Cat Jump Header image. Screenshot courtesy Eric Halliday /
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Reaper Cat

The Reaper Cat is a very popular cat for two good reasons. One, it's cool as heck featuring a nice clean art style with cool blue flame animations. But two, it's a big flex considering the big flaming hoop you need to jump through to get it.

I'm going to tell you this right now too, if you're new to Reaper Cat the sooner you do it the better. You'll see why in a minute. But you need to go into the Dungeon Mode and defeat 44 enemies. This needs to be in ONE GAME. Defeat 44 enemies and then die before 45 and you'll get the Grim Reaper. As a 43-year-old man, seeing that you meet the Reaper at 44 before 45 is something I absolutely love to think about.

Ghost Bride Cat

Sure, there's a lot of spooky characters in Cat Jump but what if you want the kind of spookums that makes the person more sad the more they think about it. Ghost Bride is the one for you. This crying specter is pure turn of the century Hot Topic goth and even has her groom show up when she loses to hold her as she collapses.

To get her, first you need the regular Ghost Cat which is the first character you unlock for finished Episode 1 of the Horror Story mode. Then you need to unlock the Romantic Street stage which is about 5000 coins. Then, using Ghost Cat on Romantic Street you need to get to the chocolate fountain landmark which is a cool 800m off the ground. Get there and you got her.

Mingmo (Creator) Cat

This one was pretty easy for people the last few months as the event that unlocked him literally told you how to get him, but if you missed the event or couldn't read well we got you fam. The Mingmo Cat is supposed to look like a sponsored content creator in cat form and like content creators, is so obnoxious to listen to I had my sound off while playing as him.

To get this boi, go into your character select. You see those left an right arrows to cycle through your selection? Hit the right one 5 times, the left 2, and the right again 8 times. That's 5 Right, 2 Left, 8 Right. Once you hit that eighth right, boom, you got him.

Alright, last page coming up. On the last one we got three more. Secret Agent, Barbarian, and the edgelord favorite, Fall Angel Cats.