Cat Jump guide: How to unlock every secret cat

The Cat Jump app has been out for a bit now and contains an ever growing list of secret characters that you can get by completing some pretty bizarre things. Here's a comprehensive list of the ones we've found so far.
Cat Jump Header image. Screenshot courtesy Eric Halliday
Cat Jump Header image. Screenshot courtesy Eric Halliday /
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Mad Scientist Cat

The Mad Scientist Cat is the weird de facto villain of Cat Jump as it's the one you see in the initial cut scene and responsible for the creation of the various bosses. But to get this goofball requires you to do something so time consuming that if you didn't know how to do it, by the time you did you'd probably have forgotten all about this character.

To unlock this weirdo, switch to Street Cat (the default cat you start with) and play the single player mode. Then get to 100m and...well...lose. Then do this 49 more times. That's right, you have to get to 100m 50 times with Street Cat to get the Mad Scientist. It's weird but he's a really well animated character with a giant drippy syringe so it's a fun and unique one to have.

Frankenstein Cat

Now that you have the mad scientist, how about his creation? You'll need Mad Scientist Cat to unlock the Frankenstein Cat (who, don't worry nerds, I know should be called Frankenstein's Monster Cat) who has a giant area of animation and, as if they took all their inspiration from the Darkstalkers games, can't do anything without blue sparks shooting everywhere.

To get him, switch over to the Mad Scientist cat and do the boss mode 20 times. You don't have to win. But you need to do it 20 times which means you'll probably have to watch about three ads (yeah, that Total War one is totally fake, I know) but once you're done with the 20th go you'll get the big green guy.

Count Dracula Cat

I hate this one. First off, I have vampires. They are the only creature I think has been over done more than zombies. Secondly, Count Dracula's default standing animation is it going in and out of a massive pool of blood which looks SUPER out of place for this game. But the completionist in me still needed it and now you can have it to.

All you have to do is play Dungeon Mode (which you should anyways because it's really fun after the first few levels) and, on collecting your tenth health potion, you'll unlock Count Dracula. This REALLY makes me rethink what's in those bottles of red fluid.

Van Helsing Cat

While I like Van Helsing because Van Helsing means less vampires, I'm very surprised that Van Helsing is unlocked in a way that has absolutely nothing to do with the Count Dracula Cat. Personally, I would have made the unlock move to take Count Dracula and die via the wall spikes a certain amount of times, but I digress.

To get the role Hugh Jackman wants you to forget you'll need the Hell Jailer Cat which, unfortunately, is one of the weekly unlock cats from the Gatcha machine and cannot be purchased. If you have Hell Jailer Cat hop over to the 1v1 PVP (or if you have a friend you can do that too) and win 5 times while in the City stage.

On the next page we got the last three of the secret cat section (for now) and then the page after will have four more secret characters you'll want to unlock. But on the next page we got Reaper, Ghost Bride, and Mingmo (Creator) Cats.