Cat Jump guide: How to unlock every secret cat

The Cat Jump app has been out for a bit now and contains an ever growing list of secret characters that you can get by completing some pretty bizarre things. Here's a comprehensive list of the ones we've found so far.
Cat Jump Header image. Screenshot courtesy Eric Halliday
Cat Jump Header image. Screenshot courtesy Eric Halliday /
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Cyborg Cat

Cyborg Cat is a cool looking yellow, blue, and black character with a red visor and a need to shoot yellow electricity all over the place.

To unlock Cyborg Cat you need to revive 30 times. Just play the game like you normally do and the 30th time you use the heart revive item you'll unlock him. Obviously you can't do this in a single game as you can only revive once per game but this is how you get him.

Punching Bag Cat

Cat Jump Punching Bag
Cat Jump Punching Bag. Screenshot courtesy Eric Halliday. /

I hate this one. I thought I would love it but this cat, that looks like a punching bag, has a third jump animation that makes it look like fists are flying at it. This animation always screws with my vision making me thing I'm slowing down in the air and making me mistime my jumps.

Anywho, to get this nugget you need to get hit 5 times with the boxing glove. In the regular single player mode these obstacles appear after you've cleared about 700m, or if you go into io PVP you'll sometimes see them quick but losing in PVP means dropping in the ranking. On your fifth time getting hit by one of these you'll get the cat.

Cannoneer Cat

The Cannoneer is a fairly noise pirate cat with a handheld mini cannon in its paws. It's third jump makes it look like it's firing backwards and it's standing animation involves it firing a cannonball and catching it over and over again.

To unlock it it requires you to hop into a cannon 50 times. Luckily not all in the same game. Could be over the course of several games over several days. The 50th time you hop into a cannon you'll be rewards with the Cannoneer Cat.

Idol Cat

The Idol Cat is supposed to look like a Japanese Pop Idol. My favorite bit about it is when you lose while playing as her, she's picked up by a security vehicle and driven down the stage. It's hilarious to me because in io mode it really throws off other players when a giant black vehicle suddenly drops down at them.

To unlock her you must simply get to the finish line in the 1v1 mode three times. This can be with a friend or a stranger but it's not that hard. If you take your time you'll find people to be in such a hurry they'll crash more than succeed.

Alright gang, next four on the next page. We got: Flame Knight Cat, Ice Queen Cat, Psionics Cat, and Secret Agent Cat