Cat Jump guide: How to unlock every secret cat

The Cat Jump app has been out for a bit now and contains an ever growing list of secret characters that you can get by completing some pretty bizarre things. Here's a comprehensive list of the ones we've found so far.
Cat Jump Header image. Screenshot courtesy Eric Halliday
Cat Jump Header image. Screenshot courtesy Eric Halliday /
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Cat Jump is this interesting app I didn't know about until recently when I was introduced and subsequently hooked on it. Made by a small company known as SeePlay this game came out about two or so years ago and quietly built up a following.

What do you do in Cat Jump? Well, you get an adorable cat and you jump. Every stage involves you verticly making your way jumping back and forth between two walls. With your triple jump you dodge obsticles and try to see how high you can make it. Along the way playing other modes like one in which you fight enemies in a dungeon, make food, fight bosses and more. There's even an io mode where you face off against 10 other players in real time. It's so simple and so addicting. One of the thing that makes it so addictive is that there's a wealth of things to unlock to allow you to make your game more you. You unlock things over time, but like any good classic, there's also cheat codes and other methods that will unlock secret stages and characters.

After the 100th time my kids asked me how to unlock something I realized there is no solid list of ways to unlock things so if something you need doesn't exist, you build it so here we are. This is a list of secret characters but before we start, lets unlock a secret stage.

Scary Village Stage

One of the modes in Cat Jump is the Horror Mode. In the main single player you can collect pieces of firewood. You use them in Horror Mode to light a fire and get the next chapter of a four part horror story, along the way you unlock four characters. The final being a cat that looks like a Korean Water Ghost.

Using the Water Ghost character hop into PVP and win 10 times. This will unlock the stage. It's a cool stage but, sadly, there are no landmarks so you won't be moving up and unlocking the landmark characters using this stage but it's still really cool.

On the next page we get into the first four characters of the Secret Cat section: Cyborg Cat, Punching Bag Cat, Cannoneer Cat, and Idol Cat!