Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons Remake Achievement Guide

Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons Remake screenshot. Starbreeze Studios
Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons Remake screenshot. Starbreeze Studios /

Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons Remake is available now, and it's a great journey of two brothers who set off on a journey together in order to save their sick father. Naia and his younger brother Naiee must travel the world and solve environmental puzzles in order to proceed to try and save their father's life. It's an incredibly emotional journey which we won't spoil here, but there are 14 achievements to pick up along the way. Let's take a look at them below

None of the achievements are missable as you unlock chapter select after completing the main story. I recommend going through the game as you would normally, and come back to this guide after completing the main story so you can experience the game as it should be. It takes about 3 hours to complete the entire game, so you'll be good on time. I'll break them down into chapters for you so it's easy to keep track.

Prologue: Take a Break - At the very beginning of the game, avoid moving the cart down the hill. Instead, walk down the hill and use Naia to grab the pile of rocks. This will have him skip stones and get the achievement.

Chapter 1: Wishing Well - There will be a small village with a well at its center. Use Naiee (younger brother) to take the ball from the little girl and throw it down the well. I know, it's bad, but hey it's for the gamerscore.

Chapter 1: Black Sheep - This one is fun. Once you run away from the dog, climb up the rock and go to the right. Use the younger brother to lower the bridge with the hamster wheel. You'll need to use the older brother to run across the bridge while he's running on the wheel. Pick up a sheep and go to the left side where a bunch of rabbits are. Put the sheep in the ash pile to turn it black and get the achievement.

Chapter 1: Spin me round- As soon as you get the Black Sheep above, use the brother and spin around in a circle while you hold the sheep to pick this up.

Chapter 1: Bunny buddies - After the sheep achievement, simply pick up one of the bunnies here and put them in the ash to get this one.

Chapter 1: One Last game - Using the same ball from the well achievement below, this time use the older brother. Take the ball and shoot it into the hoop to unlock this.

Chapter 1 and 4: Love Birds - You'll need to do something in each chapter in order to unlock this. In Chapter 1, use the younger brother to free the bird from the cage next to the hamster wheel you use to lower the bridge. Chapter 4, use the spyglass along the staircase going to the glider. Use the glass to find a bird by going down to the right. Once you see it, the bird you freed in chapter one will show up shortly after to get the achievement.

Chapter 3: Falling Star - Go to the angel statue in the cemetery at the beginning of the chapter. Use the younger brother to interact with it for the achievement.

Chapter 4: Sad Tune - Go down the hill to the guy trying to kill himself. Stop him with the younger brother to untie the rope. Keep going down the path to the wooden area to get the music box. Bring it back to the guy. Also, get your tissues ready.

Chapter 4: Windpipe - After you fix the inventor's item, go up the stairs. Use the older brother and put the horn on the 5th pipe from the end left side. The younger brother pulls the lever and make the inventor start dancing for the achievement.

Chapter 5: Call of the giants - Go right at the fork after the giant's leg. Use the older brother to blow into the horn and get the achievement.

Chapter 6: Behind the Curtain - Go behind the waterfall of blood on the right at the beginning of the chapter.

Chapter 6: Whale Song - Go up the wall after the turtles. Go past the tree at first and sit down on the bench that's there. Do it with both brothers and it will unlock after they start singing after a little bit

Chapter 6: Turtle Soup - Go to the right at the big turtle to find baby turtles. Lift the younger brother up to the one turtle and the other on top of the hill. Push all the turtles down the slide to the mom turtle to get this.

And that's it. Hopefully, you enjoyed the game as much as I did. The original was just as good and I had to play this for the story again once I saw the remake. It's available now on Xbox Series and PS5.