Borderlands 4 is officially in development, according to 2K

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Despite only being three full months into the new year, the Borderlands franchise has already dropped multiple major news bombshells on everyone. Back in February, it was announced that a Borderlands movie would be released on August 9, 2024. If that news wasn't enough to get you hype about the expanding Borderlands universe, 2K confirmed that the next Borderlands video game is currently in "active development."

Huge news not only for the Borderlands universe, but for video game fans. The Borderlands franchise has captivated so many gamers and have brought to life so many amazing characters. 2K's announcement of a new Borderlands video game comes just hours after the announcement that Gearbox will be bought and solely owned by Take-Two for $460 million.

Gearbox and Take-Two are extremely familiar with one another with their time working together with the Borderlands franchise.

David Ismailer, the president of Take-Two publishing label 2K, had some very interesting words to say about the future of the Borderlands franchise today. David Ismailer stated, "We have loved partnering with Gearbox on every iteration of the Borderlands franchise and are excited to be in active development on the next installment in the series.”

The fact that David Ismailer used the words "active development" is a sign that the next Borderlands game is just not getting the ball rolling, but that the game is actively being developed as we speak. Which means we can get a lot more information on what we can expect out of the new game a lot sooner rather than later.

The idea of a Borderlands 4 video game has been speculated and rumored for many months now. The rumors really began to circulate when references to Borderlands 4 showed up on a Gearbox employee's LinkedIn profile.

Now that we have confirmation that a new Borderlands game will be hitting the beloved franchise, there will still be a lot of questions that need to be answered. Will the new game be called Borderlands 4? Where will Borderlands 4 fit in the franchise's timeline? Will it be a direct sequel to Borderlands 3, or will it fall into place somewhere else on the timeline? There are going to be tons of questions that gamers will want answered and those answers should be answered as we progress throughout the year.

As of the current writing, there is no official release date or reveal for Borderlands 4. However, given the statement David Ismailer used to describe Borderlands 4 I would not be surprised if Borderlands 4 released somewhere in the 2025-2026 range.

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