Bethesda releases massive May update for Starfield : What's new?

Bethesda has released a massive update for Starfield aimed at improvements to numerous facets of the base game.
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Since the game's release last September, Starfield has been both one of the most played and yet one of the most criticized games of recent months. The vast scope of the game was always going to pose some issues for Bethesda in terms of delivering everything the community may want, but then again, as with many Bethesda games, modders were also expected to play a role in bringing the game to life.

On Bethesda’s end, they’ve dropped their own additions in a new update this May, that’s set or add some features the Starfield community will likely appreciate. According to the patch notes, Bethesda has added improvements to surface maps, an inventory navigation tab, additional gameplay options, a ship decoration mode for ship interiors and much more.

Taking a more in-depth look, in terms of gameplay features, players are now able to tone down or up the ante in specific aspects of gameplay, for example making ground combat easier while making space combat far more difficult. This level of customization is a welcome change for players looking to tailor their experience to their skill levels but also making parts of the game that they perhaps enjoy less more of an afterthought in their given play-through.

Ship decoration has now been made akin to outpost decoration, which gives the player more license to make their ship look and feel more like their own. This function adds a more personal layer of customization on top of the ship-builder function, which is very much something that those into making their ship an expression of their given play-through will appreciate.

The update, on top of adding the features mentioned and more, also targets bug updates geared toward improving game performance and stability. As is typical of Bethesda games of the past, glitches are very much part of the experience, and it’s nice to see Bethesda working to make their newest RPG less clunky. Object placement, character pathfinding and cosmetic issues, such as the disappearance of weapons after no longer being invisible have been addressed, which will help with making sure there are fewer breaks in immersion and general faulty gameplay mechanics.

Bethesda’s update is a very welcome change to many of the functions and issues the Starfield community has noticed through their play-through, which is an important, receptive response from the company, which is working to make sure the game meets gamers' standards. You can read more about the in-depth changes on Bethesda’s website.