Beginner's tips for starting Pacific Drive

Pacific Drive is an awesome experience but they throw a lot at you right out the gate. This is a list of things you'll need to remember. Because, honestly, I sure didn't.

Pacific Drive Key Art. Image courtesy Ironwood Studios
Pacific Drive Key Art. Image courtesy Ironwood Studios /
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Play with the toggles

Pacific Drive really wants you to have fun with it. Regardless of how good you are at driving a wonky station wagon down a dilapidated road past sharp living tumbleweed and splody test dummies.

As such, the developers have added a SLEW of options to make the game play exactly as you want. Don't like the fade that comes with the occasional transition? Turn it off. Are you not great at the driving portion of the game and are tired of your car coming apart like a Karen in the holiday season? You can make your car not take damage. You can do EVERYTHING.

Seriously, the options are insane. You can turn off certain game events like the occasional instability storm or the massive red storm that you have to outrun when you open a warp. Add static to the radio to make it sound more realistic. Highlight loot. Infinite headlights. It doesn't matter. The options menu looks like the best two pages from the old Game Genie guidebook and I love it. I'm trying to keep my character fragile at first but the option to know that if I wanted to do some sort of reckless speed run I can strap in and go.

Though, I'd play the game for a bit before doing it because while some of the storms can be stressful and tough to deal with, it's also super fun to have this stressful moment. For example, I had absolutely no idea that opening a warp point makes reality slowly collapse around you and that lead to one of the most exciting virtual drives in recent memory.

So get a feel for the game and THEN tweak it because if you turn all the odds in your favor you honestly don't have much of a game left and this game is so much fun.