Beginner's tips for starting Pacific Drive

Pacific Drive is an awesome experience but they throw a lot at you right out the gate. This is a list of things you'll need to remember. Because, honestly, I sure didn't.

Pacific Drive Key Art. Image courtesy Ironwood Studios
Pacific Drive Key Art. Image courtesy Ironwood Studios /
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You got junk in the trunk

I don't care if you have to put a post-it on your screen, never forget about all the stuff in the trunk of your car. They have you craft cardboard boxes for the back of the car but never really explain why. Because of this I totally forgot what they were for. They are for storage.

Pacific Drive Screenshot. Courtesy Ironwood Studios. /

I had so many times where I was dumping my backpack out on the floor because I didn't have space to carry things until I finally realized I could offload my inventory into the back of the car. Especially if you have the deluxe edition, you'll find yourself with two decal sets that, combined, take up six squares.

Also, there's the crafting table in the back AND the gas can. I, especially, wanna remind you about the gas can because when I was told to get gas, unless I missed something in the insane dialogue you have to listen to while driving, at no point do they ever let you know there's a gas can stuck to the inside of your car via creepy goo.

Sweat the small stuff

When you first get the ability to create upgrades and expand what you can build it's so tempting to build cool fun things for your car. Trust me, I get it. The temptation is there and it's huge. I wanted to start outfitting my car with all sorts of cool stuff.

But sometimes the more boring things are going to get you the most usage. For example, yes, getting side racks on the car is cool, but putting a metal cone on a road flare to make a makeshift flashlight is WAY more useful considering how many dark RVs you're gonna be exploring. I COULD make a more powerful impact hammer but it's way more useful to take the time to make a larger backpack.

I know it's not as fun and visually exciting but these are the things that are gonna help you get more materials quicker to build the rest of it.