Beginner's tips for starting Pacific Drive

Pacific Drive is an awesome experience but they throw a lot at you right out the gate. This is a list of things you'll need to remember. Because, honestly, I sure didn't.
Pacific Drive Key Art. Image courtesy Ironwood Studios
Pacific Drive Key Art. Image courtesy Ironwood Studios /
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So, even though Pacific Drive is fairly rogue-like it's still fairly linear in some regards, especially in the beginning and, unfortunately, if you go out of order the game doesn't know what to do about it.

For example, at the beginning of the game there's a part where you're supposed to the car, pick up the tire outside, and slap it on the car. From there you're supposed to drive ahead and have your car run out of gas near another car where you can then learn how to siphon gas.

I didn't do this. I saw a car missing a wheel and assumed I wouldn't be able to drive it so I ran down the street. After running for a bit I got a notification "put the tire on the car" and realized I had to fix the car I saw earlier so I ran back and got in my car. After doing that, the game no longer triggered events. My car wouldn't run out of gas to trigger the next event and I was stuck. I had to restart the game.

Likewise, I ran ahead and did a step out of order when getting to the first safehouse where you have to flick a breaker. NOTHING HAPPENED. I had to restart the game again.

So, until they patch the game, chill and do what the game is asking you to do. I'm sure that they'll fix it but in the meantime don't rock the boat.