Battlefield 2042 concludes as EA maps out franchise's future

In this photo illustration a Battlefield 2042 logo is seen...
In this photo illustration a Battlefield 2042 logo is seen... / SOPA Images/GettyImages

The final season of Battlefield 2042 is currently underway, marking the end of the road for Dice's latest FPS installment. While the online shooter will continue to receive some support, EA and Dice are already looking ahead to the franchise's future. Motive Studio, known for the Dead Space remake, is set to join forces with Battlefield to shape upcoming games in the series.

Launched in late 2021 to a rocky start, Battlefield 2042 underwent significant improvements over the past two years. Through numerous updates and seasons, the once-content-light and unstable game has evolved into a substantial online FPS experience. The latest season, Turning Point, launched on March 19, introducing new weapons, a fresh map, and a revamped battle pass. However, EA recently confirmed in a post that season seven will mark the end of major content updates for Battlefield 2042.

In a post on April 9, Battlefield general manager Bryan Breede affirmed that while the game's servers will remain active, substantial content updates are no longer in the cards. Instead, the focus will shift to maintaining the game's current state. Breede acknowledged that this shift might disappoint fans but emphasized the need for Dice and EA to redirect their resources towards "what comes next."

"We have an ambitious vision to embrace and unlock the vast potential of the series' class-based squad play and immersive, intense battles," stated Breede.

To realize this vision, EA announced that Motive Studio, responsible for the Dead Space remake and Star Wars Squadrons, will establish a dedicated team for Battlefield. Motive Studio general manager Patrick Klaus elaborated on this move in a separate post, highlighting the directors behind the Dead Space remake, Philippe Ducharme and Roman Campos-Oriola, who will lead the team at Motive.

"Their proven expertise in storytelling, immersive battles, and development on the Frostbite engine uniquely positions them to help advance the vision for Battlefield," Klaus stated.

Klaus also reassured that Motive remains committed to its upcoming Iron Man game, mentioning significant progress and internal milestones achieved this year.

Motive's integration into the Battlefield franchise aligns with EA's strategy of utilizing multiple studios to expand the series, akin to Activision's approach with the Call of Duty franchise. However, EA aims to maintain a balance, ensuring that Battlefield does not overshadow its other franchises and teams.

While specific details about the next Battlefield game remain undisclosed, EA's ambition for the series is evident. The challenge lies in executing these plans effectively, avoiding launch setbacks like those experienced with Battlefield 2042. As the gaming community eagerly anticipates the franchise's next chapter, only time will reveal if EA can successfully navigate these ambitious waters while supporting its diverse range of franchises and teams.

The partnership with Motive Studio signifies a strategic move by EA to bolster the Battlefield franchise with fresh perspectives and expertise in immersive storytelling. By tapping into the talents behind the Dead Space remake, EA aims to elevate the series' narrative depth and immersive gameplay.

Motive Studio's involvement doesn't end with Battlefield, as Klaus clarified. The team continues its work on the highly anticipated Iron Man game, highlighting the studio's diverse portfolio and commitment to delivering engaging gaming experiences.

Joining other EA studios like Criterion, DICE, and Ripple Effect, Motive Studio adds another layer of support to the Battlefield series. This collaborative effort mirrors Activision's approach with the Call of Duty franchise, where various studios contribute to its ongoing success. However, EA's strategy aims for a balanced approach, ensuring that Battlefield retains its identity without overshadowing other projects.

As speculation swirls around the next Battlefield installment, EA's commitment to the franchise's future is evident. The publisher refrains from divulging specific details or release dates, leaving fans eagerly anticipating what's to come. The burning question remains: can EA deliver on its ambitious plans while avoiding the pitfalls encountered with Battlefield 2042's launch?

The gaming community remains hopeful, with excitement building for the next chapter of the Battlefield saga. EA's strategic moves and collaboration with Motive Studio signal a new era for the franchise, one that promises innovation and immersive experiences for players worldwide. As the industry watches EA's next steps, all eyes are on the horizon for the future of Battlefield.

One of the key challenges ahead for EA and the Battlefield franchise is to strike a delicate balance. The company aims to innovate and evolve the series, drawing on the success of previous titles while also learning from the lessons of Battlefield 2042's launch. The goal is to create a game that captures the essence of what fans love about Battlefield while introducing new elements that push the series forward.

The addition of Motive Studio to the Battlefield family brings a wealth of experience in storytelling and immersive gameplay. With the minds behind the Dead Space remake at the helm, there's excitement for what this collaboration could mean for the franchise's narrative depth and overall gameplay experience.

However, EA must also ensure that its ambitions for Battlefield do not overshadow its other projects and teams. The publisher boasts a diverse lineup of franchises, each with its own dedicated fan base. Balancing the development and support of Battlefield alongside these other titles will be crucial to maintaining EA's position as a leader in the gaming industry.

As the gaming landscape continues to evolve, so too must the Battlefield franchise. EA's commitment to embracing the series' class-based squad play and intense battles signals a promising future. Fans eagerly await news and updates on the next Battlefield installment, hopeful for a game that delivers on the franchise's rich legacy while pushing boundaries in gameplay and storytelling.

In the ever-competitive world of first-person shooters, Battlefield has carved out its own niche with large-scale battles, dynamic environments, and engaging multiplayer experiences. EA's plans for the franchise's future suggest that they are keenly aware of what sets Battlefield apart and are determined to build upon these strengths.

With Motive Studio on board and a clear vision for the franchise, EA has laid the groundwork for an exciting new chapter in the Battlefield saga. As development progresses and details emerge, players around the world will be eagerly anticipating the next evolution of this iconic series. The future of Battlefield is bright, and fans can look forward to experiencing the next era of epic battles and unforgettable moments in the world of Battlefield.