Arcane Season 2: Who is Vander/Warwick?

Arcane. Ella Purnell as Jinx in Arcane. Cr. Courtesy of Netflix © 2021
Arcane. Ella Purnell as Jinx in Arcane. Cr. Courtesy of Netflix © 2021 /

For many non-gamers, Arcane was their first introduction into the universe of League of Legends. The CG-animated series, which debuted on Netflix in 2021, is based on the popular multiplayer online battle arena game from developer Riot Games.

The series tells the origin story of two sisters, Vi and Jinx (also known as Powder) while exploring the brewing war between the utopian city Piltover and its oppressed underbelly Zaun. Many of the characters featured in the series are well-known to League of Legends players, but if you never heard of the game before watching Arcane, it was all brand new to you. So you may not exactly understand the excitement surrounding the recently released teaser for Season 2.

Riot Games and Netflix released a first look teaser for Arcane Season 2, which is set to arrive later this year. Although it wasn't an incredibly long first look, the teaser seemed to confirm a popular fan theory regarding Vander and the possibility that he may, in fact, be Warwick. But again, unless you've played League of Legends, this likely doesn't mean much to you.

So who is Warwick, exactly? Before we get into the details of this mysterious character and his connection to Vander, let's check out the teaser trailer.

Who is Warwick in Arcane?

Warwick, known as the uncaged wrath of Zaun, is a monstrous character in League of Legends. He's a werewolf-like creature who has been transformed by agonizing experiments, presumably by Singed.

Technically speaking, Warwick wasn't seen in the first season of Arcane. Although fans theorized that Vander, the adoptive father of Vi and Jinx/Powder, could be Warwick before he was transformed.

This theory is backed by various hints in both the animated series and the video game. In Episode 9 of Arcane's first season, Singed finds Vander's body and takes it back to his lab, presumably to see if he can bring Vander back to life through his experiments.

We don't ever fully see the outcome of Singed's experiments in Season 1; however, the teaser for Arcane Season 2 does seem to confirm that Vander has been transformed into Warwick.

Warwick figures to play a prominent role in Season 2, but we'll have to wait a while longer before Arcane returns. The award-winning series returns for its sophomore season in November 2024.