An In-Depth Look at Gunnar Optik's Spider-Man Line of Glasses

While dealing with the eye strain of my newest TV, the folks over at Gunnar helped me out by introducing me to their Spider-Man line of blue-light blocking, UV protection glasses.
Spider-Man Miles Morales Gunnar Glasses. Image courtesy Eric Halliday.
Spider-Man Miles Morales Gunnar Glasses. Image courtesy Eric Halliday. /
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Cruz Kids Large, Spider-Man Edition

Now, obviously, me being an adult with a giant head I couldn't test drive these myself. Luckily, I am an adult with a giant head AND two kids so I had a way, letting them wear it.

Visually these glasses are obvious designed for kids. It has the same ketchup red no detail front that the Enigmas had, but the arms are light blue with enough pictures of Spider-Man to even satisfy Jameson.

Two things I liked about these a lot is that, as these are for kids, they don't have the big metal hinges which is awesome because I feel like if my kids pop one of the arms off I could just snap it back in. The other thing I liked is that it was designed to have a light weight frame which means that once my 10-year-old was wearing it for a couple minutes while gaming, he didn't even seem to notice he was wearing them anymore. Which, for my kids is saying a LOT.

In addition to the cleaning cloth (which I'm sure your kids won't lose immediately) they come in a really sturdy zip up travel case with a useful clip to snag it securely to your kids' backpacks for when your kid's teacher gets them on their laptops again.

If you're looking to grab the Cruz Kids Large, Spider-Man Edition the standard, natural-focus model that just focuses on light protection from blue light and UV is gonna set you about $39.99 while the prescription model, while only coming in the Single-Vision variety, only costs $140.00 which, for prescription glasses is pretty fantastic.