An In-Depth Look at Gunnar Optik's Spider-Man Line of Glasses

While dealing with the eye strain of my newest TV, the folks over at Gunnar helped me out by introducing me to their Spider-Man line of blue-light blocking, UV protection glasses.
Spider-Man Miles Morales Gunnar Glasses. Image courtesy Eric Halliday.
Spider-Man Miles Morales Gunnar Glasses. Image courtesy Eric Halliday. /
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Enigma, Spider-Man Miles Morales Edition

These are the ones you get if you're going to be taking these with you or you're just a bit more rough with your stuff. The Enigmas are the tough bois.

Visually I was a little turned off by them because the front of these are just bold red. No detailing, just ketchup red, which looked a little stark on my face. But my goodness are they considerably more comfortable thanks to the design of their frame work. As I work from home and don't have to have people out and about looking at me, I'm probably going to use these as my main.

The real "Enigma" with these, however, is the travel case it comes with. While the other two glasses I'm reviewing come with a zip up travel case, these come with a magnetized fold up box with velvety insides. And while they list it as a travel box, I can't imagine a comfortable way to do so. Luckily though, the thicker frame and the multi-barrel hinges more than make up for it, durability wise.

Another thing I like about these is that unlike the Cruz, these glasses have dual-sided anti-reflective coating which is fantastic because where I normally sit when I work there's a ceiling lamp behind me. These are the only glasses I can wear at my computer that doesn't occasionally hold a reflection of my ceiling lamp for my eyes to enjoy.

The Enigma, Spider-Man Miles Morales Edition is a little pricier because of the sturdier frames and additional features, but not that much. If you get the "GUNNAR-focus" standard edition (which magnifies and clears up things close to you without throwing off your view) you're looking at $79.99. Meanwhile, if you're going the prescription route, the standard Single-Vision type are gonna hit you for $229.99 while the Intermediate Progressive and Distance Progressive lenses are an additional $100 bringing it to $329.99.