An In-Depth Look at Gunnar Optik's Spider-Man Line of Glasses

While dealing with the eye strain of my newest TV, the folks over at Gunnar helped me out by introducing me to their Spider-Man line of blue-light blocking, UV protection glasses.
Spider-Man Miles Morales Gunnar Glasses. Image courtesy Eric Halliday.
Spider-Man Miles Morales Gunnar Glasses. Image courtesy Eric Halliday. /
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Cruz, Spider-Man Miles Morales Edition

"These are mine." I'm not sure who I was competing with but those were my first words when I saw these ones. As a 43-year-old man, color is so rare to see on my head that it even left my hair so when I saw the black with red accent trim on these glasses I was hyped. Though, visually, I don't like that the insides are bold red as I always noticed them in my peripheral vision. It felt like I was playing Metroid Prime and I could see Samus's visor at all times.

But how do they "feel"? Awesome. First off, I have a giant head. I feel like if my head was any bigger I could sell ad space on it. So getting these glasses AND finding out that they fit my Funko Pop level noggin was a huge plus. No bending what-so-ever.

In addition to the light weight frame, the Cruz sports wide format lens which is probably what help it fit me. But it also ensures I'm not going to get a lot of bright light peeking in around the sides as much if I turn my head.

Another plus with these is that in addition to the black cleaning cloth with Miles' logo on it, it also comes with a Miles Morales themed clip on carrying case that immediately snagged onto the side of my laptop bag which is great because I'm also wearing these while typing now as it's helping with work too. At least until the day when Word Processing designers realize I don't want to stare at a white screen all the time.

The Cruz: Spider-Man Miles Morales Editions retail for $54.99 for the standard natural-focus edition and $204.99 for the ones with prescription lenses. Note: Special Intermediate Progressive and Distance Progressive lenses are also available for an additional $100.