An In-Depth Look at Gunnar Optik's Spider-Man Line of Glasses

While dealing with the eye strain of my newest TV, the folks over at Gunnar helped me out by introducing me to their Spider-Man line of blue-light blocking, UV protection glasses.
Spider-Man Miles Morales Gunnar Glasses. Image courtesy Eric Halliday.
Spider-Man Miles Morales Gunnar Glasses. Image courtesy Eric Halliday. /
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It's been a really long time since I upgraded my TV. Probably more than a decade. And while my PS5 looked fine on my decade old flat was pretty dark. I just didn't realize it because that's what I was used to. But recently I was lucky enough to upgrade to a larger LED screen. And while I was excited to finally play on a high def LED screen, my eyes, in no way shape or form, were ready.

My late night gaming sessions after the kids went to bed hit a little different. I was getting more headaches, my eyes felt tired, it felt like I had this constant soreness and fatigue in my face like my eyeballs had become lead weights my sockets were tired of carrying. It was a lot.

I'm also self destructive though so in no way was this going to stop me from gaming. But it was, indeed, a problem because these sort of hurdles can lead to longer lasting damages. So I looked up ways to solve it. At almost the same time, Gunnar reached out to me about their line of Spider-Man themed glasses. The timing was perfect. I love Spider-Man 2 and have been playing it recently, plus I'm trying to find a solution for the eye strain. Perfect.

Spider-Man Miles Morales Gunnar Glasses. Image courtesy Eric Halliday /

So now I have three pairs. Two adult sizes based off Miles Morales and even a Peter Parker themed one that's kid sized that I'll have them try on. Let's get into it.