7 under-the-radar game releases for the rest of 2024

There are a lot of games that players and media are watching closely, but what about those scheduled to release this year that are flying under the radar.
Paris Games Week 2022 : Day Two
Paris Games Week 2022 : Day Two / Chesnot/GettyImages
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October: Metaphor ReFantazio

Metaphor ReFantazio is a role-playing game that the industry has its eyes on. It’s set for release on October 11 and harkens to the beloved Persona series. This game will feature several aspects that Persona is known for, including developing social bonds while set in a fantasy, medieval world. The art and music shown so far are heavily inspired by the popular series. It will be interesting to see what this game does differently to bring to the space that is seeing a Persona-like reemergence.

November: Antonblast

Antonblast looks like a love letter to gamers who want more platformers. Thanks to a successful Kickstarter campaign, Antonblast is set for release on November 12. None hunts the main character other than Satan due to also having red skin. The premise of each level is to run from one end to the other while avoiding villains, set off explosives, and get back to the other end of the stage before it is too late. It’s a simple idea that is generating some buzz for what should be a quaint entry to the genre.

December: Lost Records: Bloom & Rage

Don’t Nod is known for its narrative-driven games such as Life is Strange, and there’s a new entry on the horizon. While it doesn’t have an official release date, Lost Records: Bloom & Rage has caught the attention of many. One of the biggest reasons eyes are watching closely is because the game will be split into two parts, said to be inspired by the Game of Thrones television series. It will be interesting to see how that works and the reception will be of that practice.