7 under-the-radar game releases for the rest of 2024

There are a lot of games that players and media are watching closely, but what about those scheduled to release this year that are flying under the radar.
Paris Games Week 2022 : Day Two
Paris Games Week 2022 : Day Two / Chesnot/GettyImages
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Don’t blink, but 2024 is nearly halfway over. Yes, it’s painful to realize how fast time flies. This year has seen some excellent video games released, and there’s still more to look forward to before the calendar flips over to 2025. Everyone knows the big games that all the media sites and influencers are talking about, but what about the games that are set to release and flying under the radar? With six months left in the year, let’s look forward to some titles that are scheduled to drop, but do not have the world talking about them every day.

June: Still Wakes the Deep

Horror and video games will go hand-in-hand forever. Still Wakes the Deep is an interesting release in the genre. Set for release on June 18, this game puts the player alone on an oil platform in the middle of the North Sea in 1975. That’s bad enough, but there’s a storm hitting the platform and some type of monster hunting the character who has nothing to fight back with. This is a captivating mix of nightmare fuel and makes this a title to watch as it prepares for release in a few weeks.