5 more RuneScape 3 quests that belong in Old School RuneScape

Defender of the Varrock is the third non-OSRS quest to be added to Old School RuneScape. Which others should join it in the near future?
Nomad, Soul Wars, Old School RuneScape
Nomad, Soul Wars, Old School RuneScape /
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No. 5 - Love Story

Release date: July 5, 2010

As of now, Swan Song is the only Old School RuneScape quest specific to the life of the infamous Wise Old Man, because the second quest in that series, Love Story, was not released until 2010.

Love Story really gets into the figure’s history and takes a closer look into the Draynor Bank Robbery – and why his telescope is aimed at the iconic Wizards’ Tower. 

Let’s be honest: we’ve all spent the 50 coins to watch a replay of that security recording at some point during our RuneScape adventures, and we’ve either probably done it either many, many years ago during the original Old School days, in Old School RuneScape specifically, or both.

And while this may start to sound like a broken record, it needs to be said: like the combat involved in several of the other quests included in this article, the battle with Zenevivia was ahead of its time, simply due to the complexity of the fight and the special abilities you must counter throughout the duration.

Plus, the Wise Old Man is literally the NPC from which you buy a Quest Point Cape. Isn’t it about time for his second (and, in my opinion, superior) quest to make its way into the game?