5 more RuneScape 3 quests that belong in Old School RuneScape

Defender of the Varrock is the third non-OSRS quest to be added to Old School RuneScape. Which others should join it in the near future?
Nomad, Soul Wars, Old School RuneScape
Nomad, Soul Wars, Old School RuneScape /
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No. 3 - Firemaker’s Curse

Release date: January 11, 2012

Firemaker’s Curse was one of the last great quests to be released before RuneScape took on the Evolution of Combat and ultimately evolved into RuneScape 3.

Why? Because the combat involved in it, despite the fact that it is indeed a pre-Evolution of Combat quest, was not simply straightforward, point-and-click combat that existed elsewhere throughout the game. The Char fight was innovative and utilized methods that had not been fully explored until its release.

It’s exactly what makes the combat of so many new Old School RuneScape quest releases, specifically the high-level Master and Grandmaster additions, great, and that’s not to mention the complexity of some of the many puzzles included throughout the lengthy journey near Eagles' Peak.

Unlike Nomad’s Requiem and Do No Evil, this quest actually has zero quest prerequisites, meaning that its development could technically be started tomorrow.

While other quests would need to be modernized (such as Defender of Varrock) before being added to the game, this one would fit Old School RuneScape to a tee.