5 more RuneScape 3 quests that belong in Old School RuneScape

Defender of the Varrock is the third non-OSRS quest to be added to Old School RuneScape. Which others should join it in the near future?
Nomad, Soul Wars, Old School RuneScape
Nomad, Soul Wars, Old School RuneScape /
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No. 2 - Do No Evil

Release date: December 1, 2010

For Nomad’s Requiem, all prerequisite quests are already included in the game. That is not the case for Do No Evil (i.e. Dealing with Scabaras, Smoking Kills, and Missing My Mummy).

But moving forward, we are going to imply that all of such quests should be added prior to the inclusion of the quests on this list (or that said quest could be completed in a world without them).

Do No Evil was one of the most challenging quests, if not the most challenging quest, in the Desert quest series, thanks in large part to the battles against the three monkeys: Ayuni, Eruni, and Leeuni.

Fighting the monkeys now in RuneScape 3 is a relative breeze, even in the Dominion Tower battle where you take on all three at once. Bringing back one of the more underrated yet challenging quests in the game, especially one with a storyline as interesting as this one's, would be an immediate hit among both old and new players.

Jagex have already expanded on the Desert quest series with the 2022 additions of Beneath Cursed Sands and the miniquest Into the Tombs. A return to Old School RuneScape could restore the greatness of Do No Evil and the three unique battles against its bosses.