5 more RuneScape 3 quests that belong in Old School RuneScape

Defender of the Varrock is the third non-OSRS quest to be added to Old School RuneScape. Which others should join it in the near future?
Nomad, Soul Wars, Old School RuneScape
Nomad, Soul Wars, Old School RuneScape /
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No. 1 - Nomad’s Requiem

Release date: January 11, 2010

It would actually surprise me if Nomad’s Requiem doesn’t end up making its way into Old School RuneScape eventually. Soul Wars itself was released on February 10, 2009, which was after the initial OSRS cutoff date, and that didn’t keep it from being added to OSRS on January 6, 2021.

In other words, Nomad is already in the game, serving as somewhat of a tease to the players from the early 2010s who dared challenge the boss who presented the toughest quest fight in the game. With all of its quest requirements already in the game, is it only a matter of time?

There are some similarities to Nomad’s fight mechanics when it comes to the boss fight of Song of the Elves with the Fragment of Seren, but throwing Nomad into OSRS would take quest bossing to a new level.

I’m not sure if he would be considered more challenging than all four of the Desert Treasure 2 bosses, but the quest would immediately become a top two quest in terms of the most difficult quests in the game, beating out all other quests with a Grandmaster designation.

The quest itself is also quite iconic; don’t forget about the Decaying Avatar fight, a “warmup” battle, if you will.