5 hidden gems to play halfway through 2024

The year is halfway over and there are too many great games to play. These are five that flew under the radar before the end of quarter two.
Another Crab's Treasure screenshot by Aggro Crab
Another Crab's Treasure screenshot by Aggro Crab /

2024 is halfway over. There have been many must-play games that can’t be missed. But as those titles stack up and with more to come in the next six months, several titles fall under the radar. In an industry as massive as video gaming, which makes sense – there’s so much to play and it is impossible to play everything. But looking back through the year, here are five hidden gems that were well-received, but not overly hyped. Check them out if you have the opportunity.

Unicorn Overlord

2024 may be remembered as the Year of the RPG. There are so many great entries into the genre just six months into the year. There’s one that flew under the radar simply because of when it was released and the major titles that came out around it. Unicorn Overlord was highly anticipated coming into 2024, but even with so many entries to pick from, Unicorn Overlord must not be ignored.

Released on March 8 for the PlayStation and Xbox consoles, this is a game worth your time as it offers an interesting mix of tactical role-playing elements where you build an army of multiple characters to face off against the enemy. The game has been widely praised and currently has an 84 Metascore.

Another Crab’s Treasure

Another Crab’s Treasure is a game that caught early attention, but in the world of soulslike play, did not get the full consideration it may have deserved. Players take the role of a crab who is simply trying to find his protective shell. Soulslike often features dark and mythological settings, so it is great to see one that is fun to play and effective, but in a completely different setting. Another Crab’s Treasure was released on April 25 and is available on all major consoles.


Balatro really came out of left field with a unique take on playing cards and roguelike video games. This is a deck-building game in which the player uses poker to improve their decks to take on stronger decks. Joker cards have a variety of effects that can change the game, just like various powerups found in roguelikes each play through. This game is highly addictive and has quickly become a favorite for many throughout the industry.

Balatro was released on February 20 and is available on all major consoles. It currently has a 90 Metascore as more people catch the fever.

Nine Sols

Nine Sols is an action platformer that was released on May 29 for the PC. It’s Metascore sits at an 84 and it is truly one of the games that caught a lot of people off guard this year. This game attempts to create a world where cyberpunk and Taoism are combined into one, creating a unique atmosphere to play in. The player takes control of Yi, who has the typical hero’s story of being out for revenge. With interesting gameplay mechanics, Nine Sols is a game worth trying this year.

Berserk Boy

Platforming action games are a throwback that is heavily missed among gamers today. While many hope for Mega Man to make a successful return, other games have tried to fill in the gap. Berserk Boy is a capable option for someone looking to get their fill.

Released on March 6, this game is available for both the Nintendo Switch and PC. Unfortunately, no console release has been announced.

The game sees the main character fighting against an evil scientist who wants to take over the world. Along the way, the player defeats the scientist’s bosses and steals their powers for future use. Sound familiar? Of course not, but this is certainly a game worth picking up for a quick play this year. Berserk Boy boasts a current Metascore of 84.