3 Skateboard games to play while you wait for Skate to arrive

EA's Skate 4 is still in Pre-Alpha but there are still a few skateboard experiences to whet the appetite in the meantime while you wait.
Daily Life during Sunset at Venice Beach of Los Angeles
Daily Life during Sunset at Venice Beach of Los Angeles / Anadolu/GettyImages
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Skater XL

Skater XL's has had a little "rivalry" of sorts with Session within the gaming community. They both released around the same time in hopes to be a spiritual successor to Skate in a way and to provide a more realistic skateboarding experience while Tony Hawk 1+2 provided the arcade style.

Skater XL has some similarities to Session but is still its own game. It may come off as a being a bit easier than Session but not quite as "pick up and play" like Tony Hawk. It's essentially that in between skateboarding experience.

It's also the only game on this list that has a functioning multiplayer at the time of this writing (as mentioned, Tony Hawk 1+2's online is all but dead). Another thing of note is that Skater XL offers mods as well, which has been a big draw for gamers playing it, especially on PC. At the time of this story, there are over 13,000 mods available for Skater XL. The game itself has gotten mixed reviews but the mods alone help give it a big time boost.

Honorable Mention: OlliOlli World

OlliOlli World is not your traditional skateboarding game as it plays much more like a platformer but it's fun, colorful and beautiful and a great addition to the iconic OlliOlli series.