3 Skateboard games to play while you wait for Skate to arrive

EA's Skate 4 is still in Pre-Alpha but there are still a few skateboard experiences to whet the appetite in the meantime while you wait.
Daily Life during Sunset at Venice Beach of Los Angeles
Daily Life during Sunset at Venice Beach of Los Angeles / Anadolu/GettyImages
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Session: Skate Sim

Now this is a game for the hardcore virtual skaters. Session: Skate Sim is exactly what the title says it is: a simulation. You're not going to be able to go crazy mashing buttons and performing tricks at a rapid pace like in the Tony Hawk games. Here, you need to specific things to do even simpler tricks and although that sounds kind of scary, it's really not bad plus, it feels satisfying when you pull off a trick or get a nice line.

If you're on console, your two analog sticks represent your feet and so you need to use together to pull off every trick. Include the triggers of your controller to do some beautiful spin moves. If you think this will initially be too hard then don't worry, there's a tutorial you can go through and there's a guide that shows you exactly how to do specific tricks.

Once you're comfortable, Session: Skate Sim is a very fun, satisfying and beautiful looking game on new gen. It's also full of freedom with several areas to skate that allow you to get creative with your lines so although it's a tricky game, it's really laid back too. There are also missions you can play to help you earn XP and cash so you can go a grab you some fresh new gear (even Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle costumes). There's also a smooth Lofi hip hop soundtrack to perfectly compliment Session's laid back nature, especially when skating at night. One catch about Session though is that it does not have multiplayer although Crea-Ture Studios has mentioned that they want to add it.