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i and me
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Best Nintendo Switch Games #43 – I and Me

Developer: Wish Fang

Synopsis: What if there were another you, and that you could observe yourself (and be observed) by yourself? How would you feel? I and Me takes this strange and melancholy question and puts it into the perspective of a platformer, where you control two identical cats with the same controls, using the environment to solve puzzles with the both of them simultaneously. Since a single input produces the same action in both characters, you’ll need to be quite clever to overcome the obstacles you encounter as you progress through four seasons of levels.

Why it’s one of the best Nintendo Switch games: Platformers are a dime a dozen on the Nintendo Switch, but I and Me presents a different perspective in more ways than one. Its clever use of two characters at once forces you to look at levels in a new way, and inspires some interesting and engaging design choices. But I and Me’s true impact perhaps lies in its relaxing aesthetic and gentle piano and string soundtrack. Some platformers inspire rage and frustration, but I and Me encourages introspection at every turn, jump, and drop.